From that tiny ball of fluff, cat lover’s watch in wonder as their precious bundle evolves into a stalking, impossibly agile and independent animal capable of giving great affection and loyalty. Whilst they tend to “hunt” in their own style as nature intended, it is just as important for us as owners to ensure that we provide a healthy diet to give them all the nutrients they need to lean an active and healthy life. They can be aloof – maybe they know something we don’t! – but they are a mixture of great complexity and are graceful, mystical creatures and deserve the best we can give them.

Dry cat food is a tried and tested method of ensuring that your cat is receiving all the essential vitamins and amino acids necessary to maintain their active lifestyle. They actually require a fine balance of at least 13 different vitamins together with taurine which is the amino acid responsible for maintaining a healthy heart and optimum eyesight. In general, a vegetarian diet is not recommended for cats owing to their complex physiology and it is widely recognized that they greatly enjoy the inclusion of fish and meat in their daily diet. They also thrive on the addition of animal fat and the incorporation of small quantities of fish oil in the complete mix promotes beneficial qualities to their coats and the condition of their skin.

A complete dry cat food diet will contain the acids and required vitamins in the correct ratio and these are sourced either from the addition of added supplements or derived from the raw materials themselves. Of course, when available, your cat will appreciate a meal of fresh fish or meat but these on their own will not provide the complete nutritionally balanced mean necessary for your cat’s well being and continuous health.

With regards to their fluid intake, great attention should be paid to this. It is as a consequence, that having originally existed in the Deserts, cats do not consume a lot of fluid therefore if they live on a wet cat food, this in most cases is adequate for supplying the moisture they require. On the other hand, if they are fed on a dry cat food diet. Water should certainly be made available to them at all times. They can supplement themselves with rain water and are very intuitive of their own needs but fluids must be a part of their meal times. Their low fluid intake can have adverse effects on their kidneys leading to cystitis or even kidney stones.

Give the fact that few cats actually accept the home comforts we provide for them and much prefer to find their own favourite spots for sleeping and play, we should accept their independent natures and strive to offer the best nutritional choices to them; good animal health results in fewer vets bills and by using the correct dry cat food diet, this will prove to be a wise choice financially and will provide the very best health plan for your cat.